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Chemical Equilibrium elaborated by Russ Maurer. Community Vitality and Belonging We partner with community members to build safe and caring communities where everyone is valued and feels like they belong.

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Population Needs-Based Planning Centres strive to improve the health and wellbeing of the entire population in their catchment area. They assess the needs of different demographic groups and develop action plans to address them. A Community Development Approach Centres work with community members to develop solutions that support healthy living.

For example: community gardens, affordable housing projects, and civic engagement campaigns enable community members to actively participate in public policy decision making. A Strong Focus on the Determinants of Health Centres mitigate the impact of the many non-medical determinants of health.

For example, to serve people facing socio-economic challenges, centres provide additional supports: transit tickets to get to health appointments, counselling on how to secure employment or access to additional social services and peer support groups. Centres also advocate for healthier public policies that enable people to access a healthy environment and afford other basic necessities of life.

Interprofessional, Integrated and Coordinated Membership in interprofessional teams extends well beyond clinical providers to include health promoters, social workers, outreach and community development workers. Teams collaborate with a wide range of primary care providers, as well as other parts of the health and social service system. Anti-oppression and Culturally Safe Practices Centres recognize many populations face discrimination that harms their health and wellbeing.

A Model Community A Model Community
A Model Community A Model Community
A Model Community A Model Community
A Model Community A Model Community
A Model Community A Model Community

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