Among the Stones of Darkness

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Upon arriving in Wakanda , Thanos used the Reality Stone to imprison Black Widow and finally to wipe out half the universe in conjunction with all the Stones, even after Thor severely wounded him with Stormbreaker using all his power. Three weeks later, he used the Infinity Stones again to destroy themselves, ultimately resulting in the Reality Stone's destruction.

However, they discovered that the Gauntlet did not contain any of the stones, and the Avengers listened to Thanos' admission about destroying them, before Thor decapitated him with Stormbreaker. After successfully transporting the past versions of the stones to the present, Hulk , wearing a Nano Gauntlet created by Stark, harnessed the power of the six stones to resurrect the lives claimed by Thanos , albeit losing the ability to use his right arm in the process.

Moments after the resurrection, the New Avengers Facility was attacked by the past version of Thanos, who had time-traveled from to Iron Man, Captain America and Thor fought the Mad Titan before they were given assistance by the newly resurrected heroes, sparking the Battle of Earth , which culminated in Iron Man sacrificing his life by using all six stones to kill Thanos and his army. Following Stark's funeral, Captain America was sent back in time by Hulk in order to put back the Infinity Stones to whence they were taken and journeyed to Asgard of to restore the Aether within Foster.

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Those who fully understands its capabilities can remove the Reality Stone from others and safely absorb it into themselves granted they had the necessary level of power needed, as Malekith was able to draw the Infinity Stone out of Jane and merge with it. Their physical powers are greatly enhanced, as evidenced when Malekith was on par with Thor in terms of raw strength and he was also capable of quickly regenerating lost limbs and enduring Thor's blows without any significant damage, with Malekith only being vanquished by having his own ship collapsing on him.

While fully unleashing the Stone's power on the Nine Realms , Malekith also grew in size to roughly three times Thor's height. When inserted into the Infinity Gauntlet and wielded by Thanos , it is shown that, when harnessed by a user who fully understands and masters its capabilities, the Stone is able to warp reality to a greater extent than previously perceived, as Thanos, with his strong understanding and mastery of its powers, proves able to skillfully warp reality more powerfully than Malekith's display of the Stone's power over reality, achieving numerous powerful capabilities that he very effectively employed.

From the Reality Stone, Thanos acquires the power to create highly elaborate physical simulations and illusions of false realities over a wide range of influence by altering reality in said area to whatever he wished.

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Prior to the Ambush in Knowhere , Thanos used the Stone to create a false illusion of himself interrogating the Collector in a completely deserted Knowhere , in order to fool the approaching Guardians of the Galaxy and mask the colony's true status as burning down and utterly ruined, rendering himself invisible in the process. The false reality was so convincing that the false Thanos could physically interact with others, and could fight with and be killed by Gamora.

Again, prior to the Battle of Titan , Thanos used the Reality Stone to alter the reality around the planet Titan to show Doctor Strange its former beauty in its peaceful prime, in a time before it became an uninhabited wasteland. Thanos transmutes Star-Lord 's blaster into bubbles. Another powerful capability that Thanos gains from the Reality Stone's control over reality is the power to warp and transmute matter into anything he wished. While often doing this to turn and use objects in his surroundings offensively, Thanos displays that the Reality Stone's transmuting powers can even affect living organisms.

Darkness—The Good, the Bad, and Its Causes

With a single blast from the Stone, Thanos easily incapacitated Guardians Drax and Mantis by temporarily warping their physical bodies, splitting Drax's body into pieces and turning Mantis into still-conscious strips of flesh, in both cases being non-lethal for the recipients, after which they eventually restored themselves to normal after Thanos left the area. Thanos was able to also use this ability discreetly and silently, as when Star-Lord reluctantly attempted to execute his teammate and lover, Gamora, to prevent her capture by Thanos, the Titan silently transmuted his Quad Blasters to harmlessly fire bubbles, before transforming the weapon itself into bubbles, and would later do the same to Gamora's dagger on Vormir to prevent her from committing suicide.

During the Battle of Titan and Battle of Wakanda , Thanos used the Reality Stone's powers very effectively in combat, transmuting a field of ship wreckage into a swarm of bats to attack Iron Man , and manipulating the ground to spawn a cage of stone pillars to trap Black Widow. Thanos also displays that the Reality Stone can be used in conjunction with the other Stones to expand it's effects.

Combined with the Space Stone , Thanos can manipulate the terrain at such a scale as to pull a flying Doctor Strange into his hand, by pulling the surface of Titan itself towards him.

In conjunction with the Soul and Time Stones , Thanos could also heal fatal injuries he had sustained discounting those caused by the Stones themselves , managing to fully heal the near-fatal wound caused by Stormbreaker as he teleported away with the Space Stone. After the Infinity Gauntlet was completed and the Reality Stone's power reached its full potential, alongside the other Stones, it allowed Thanos to wipe out half of all sentient life in the universe with a simple snap of his fingers.

The Prisoner of Chillon

However, using all six Stones in this manner at such a weakened state caused the Stones' combined power to nearly overwhelm him, and the Gauntlet and his left arm were left scorched by the release of energy. Find out more or adjust your settings.

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Darkness on the Edge of Town does not. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. Rolling Stone.

Among the Stones of Darkness Among the Stones of Darkness
Among the Stones of Darkness Among the Stones of Darkness
Among the Stones of Darkness Among the Stones of Darkness
Among the Stones of Darkness Among the Stones of Darkness
Among the Stones of Darkness Among the Stones of Darkness
Among the Stones of Darkness Among the Stones of Darkness
Among the Stones of Darkness Among the Stones of Darkness
Among the Stones of Darkness Among the Stones of Darkness

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