Ideology and Welfare

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Thomas, Rhodri and Thomas, Huw State regulation and the hospitality industry: the case of hot food take-aways.

The politics of welfare

International Journal of Hospitality Management, Vol. Thomas, H and Krishnarayan, V Thomas, Huw Planning Perspectives, Vol. Google Scholar Citations. Scopus Citations. Check if you have access via personal or institutional login.

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Who would you like to send this to? Optional message. Loading metrics Abstract views Abstract views reflect the number of visits to the article landing page. In this book Maurice Roche argues that today we have to shift from the conventional post-war politics of social rights to a new politics of social obligations and personal responsibility.

Ideology and Welfare

Recent social changes have created new problems which require rethinking of both social policy and the welfare state. Table of contents Introduction. Social Citizenship and the Dominant Paradigm: the British case. Alternative Version of Social Citizenship. The Limits of Social Citizenship:. Poverty and the Underclass in the USA. Social Duties and Cultural Change:.

From Welfare Retrenchment to Social Investment

Neoconservatism, Citizenship and Welfare. Considering that Protestantism is the state-religion of England, this conservatism ideology could be motivated by the protestant work ethic—which espouses hard work, discipline, and frugality. On the economic aspect, the economy was rooted in the household, where family members had highly differentiated roles based on gender and seniority, and are obligated to support each other without monetary exchange.

This cooperation and risk-pooling helped most families to survive. Furthermore, the focus of the state was the economy. The early Poor Laws System legislation in the 14 th century was concerned with making able-bodied people work to mitigate labor shortage after the Black Death — which policy objective is arguably reasonable given poor labor productivity at that time. On the political aspect, despite parliamentary supremacy after the Glorious Revolution of , representation was undemocratic until the Reform Act of officially known as the Representation of the People Act and Parliamentary Act Formerly, the House of Lords -consisting of nobles and landowners- was superior both in theory and practice.

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The unchanging electoral boundaries over the centuries have led to pocket boroughs with small electorate susceptible to bribery by wealthy land-owners and nobles to elect a preferred candidate into the Commons. From a materialist-rational perspective, these entrenched elites would be primarily self-interested and pay little regard to inequalities and welfare of commoners.

After the general elections, the Liberal Party embarked on Liberal Welfare Reforms that marked the emergence of the modern welfare state that is far more generous than the preceding Poor Laws System.

Ideology and Welfare Ideology and Welfare
Ideology and Welfare Ideology and Welfare
Ideology and Welfare Ideology and Welfare
Ideology and Welfare Ideology and Welfare
Ideology and Welfare Ideology and Welfare
Ideology and Welfare Ideology and Welfare
Ideology and Welfare Ideology and Welfare

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