Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History

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As the Apostles labored in different regions, they found many people prepared to receive the restored gospel. For example, in and around Herefordshire, England, nearly 1, people were baptized within a year. As a result of this remarkable mission, Church membership in the British Isles increased from nearly 1, in January to 5, by April , when most of the Apostles departed the British Isles for Nauvoo, Illinois.

Invite a student to read aloud the following statement by the First Presidency in Ask the class to listen for the guidance the First Presidency gave to Church members at this time. Based on this statement, what truth can we learn about why the Lord gathers His people? After students respond, write the following truth on the board: The Lord gathers His people and calls them to use their talents and energy to build His kingdom. How does the gathering of Saints who have different gifts and abilities help the Lord build His kingdom? What kinds of challenges would have accompanied the choice to gather with the Saints in America?

Invite two students to read aloud the following accounts by Robert Crookston and Priscilla Staines, both of whom were British Latter-day Saints. Ask the class to listen for reasons the British converts were willing to gather with the Saints in America. But we wanted to come to Zion and be taught by the Prophet of God. I was alone. It was a dreary winter day on which I went to Liverpool.

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The company with which I was to sail were all strangers to me. When I arrived at Liverpool and saw the ocean that would soon roll between me and all I loved, my heart almost failed me. But I had laid my idols all upon the altar.

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There was no turning back. Testify of the importance of using our talents and energy to build the kingdom of God in this final dispensation. Invite students to think about what talents or gifts they have been blessed with. Ask them to think about what they will do to use those talents and gifts to help build the kingdom of God where they live. Nelson taught that individual Saints should gather together in their respective nations:. True, in the early days of the Church, conversion often meant emigration as well. But now the gathering takes place in each nation.

The Lord has decreed the establishment of Zion in each realm where He has given His Saints their birth and nationality. The place of gathering for Brazilian Saints is in Brazil; the place of gathering for Nigerian Saints is in Nigeria; the place of gathering for Korean Saints is in Korea; and so forth. Zion is wherever righteous Saints are.

Publications, communications, and congregations are now such that nearly all members have access to the doctrines, keys, ordinances, and blessings of the gospel, regardless of their location. Entire Book PDF. Show Hide. And yes, it was extremely difficult for Joseph Smith and all of the other rightous men and women in the early church to establish this vital principle.

God bless they all. No, I did not mean to imply that plural marriage was wrong, only that Joseph, as a human, could have exceeded his mandate as did David and Solomon. If he did, he repented and was forgiven.

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Whether he did or not he is still a prophet. Only Jesus lived a perfect sinless life. However, as I thought it over I felt comfort as I considered two things. What other ancient history tells of other than all the great accomplishments, conquests, etc. David is still considered by the Jewish people as a great man and revered by all, in spite of his adultery and murder!

If my memory serves me right David made many messianic prophesies in Psalms that are quoted in the new testament. So David was also a prophet. Modern folks expect a prophet to be perfect or nearly so. My understanding is that God does not take over a prophets agency, turning him into a puppet. Joshua comes to mind when he makes an alliance with Canaanites after God had forbidden such. Why then do we expect Joseph Smith to be perfect?

Look what the Lord put him through!

What Mormons Believe: Polygamy

Steve, When trying to understand our history of plural marriage, I have found a couple of things necessary. One is to remember that the Lord, alone, deals with His prophets. Prophets who holds the keys of priesthood authority, like Moses and Joseph Smith, will have their words as binding on the people. If the people do not follow their counsel and instruction they are under condemnation from God.

Because this is so, God will not allow His prophet to lead the people into gross error.

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David was not this type of prophet but Nathan, his contemporary, was. The people of Joshua, however, were not to blame and honored their covenant made with those people and the Lord was seen to bless them in battle and prosper them. When it comes to Joseph Smith, he also was under the strict eye and hand of the Lord if you could not tell from the few times he DID really screw up and was chastised severely.

He was never chastised by the Lord for his actions regarding plural marriage that I am aware of. His teachings and actions in regards to the institution of the law of plural marriage were not evidence of his human folly, but were absolutely evidence of the hand of the Lord in guiding this work. I can think of no reason that God would condone these actions. The fact that we are still trying to make sense of these actions years later is a telling fact.

Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, Volume 1: History

Thank you James for your comments. I understand that what might potentially trouble me might not trouble you and vice-versa. For example, I understand your discomfort in Joseph Smith not telling Emma about his plural marriages. My heart goes out to Emma and what she must have gone through but my heart also goes out to Joseph because he was between a rock and hard place — obey God and deceive Emma or not. A very tough place, indeed. On the other hand, I personally am not concerned about Joseph marrying a 14 year old. First of all, there is no evidence Joseph engaged in sexual relations with his 14 year old wife and there is, in fact, circumstantial evidence he did not.

But even if he had, as a professional genealogist I have seen in old records a number of weddings of young women 14 and up. I have even seen a few 13 year olds. In fact, in my own genealogy is a 13 year old French-Canadian Catholic girl whose husband was 28 to 33 depending upon which record one looks at. People of today need to realize that childhood was very differently defined until at least the middle and really more toward the end of the 19th century and continued to be redefined and broadened throughout the 20th century.

Those on the frontier tended to marry at a much younger age than elsewhere. I would recommend you get this book or at least go to fairmormon. Thank you for the review. Since you have read the book I wonder if you can comment on something I read once. Prior to polygamy the main complaint against the church was essentially concerning revelation. But, the practice of polygamy threw the detractors off-course so they stopped crying out against revelation first vision, angel moroni, revelations in the doctrine and covenants, etc.

Once polygamy was discontinued, revelation was still there but the detractors were no longer concerned with revelation which allowed the church to grow and flourish during the 20th century. Thank you for your comment and question. If plural marriage was a red-herring it was an extremely costly, almost fatal one. The level of negative publicity, as well as government-sponsored persecution was incredible and the LDS Church still feels the ramifications of this practice to this day. In all honesty, I cannot conceive of plural marriage simply being a red-herring.

Furthermore, some anti-Mormon critics and their literature have included attacks on latter-day prophets and their revelations. Thanks again for your comments. Thank you for this review! Whether or not he told Emma from the start…what if he was protecting her from the condemnation she would have faced at having even more vehemently rebelled against the commandment of the Lord before she was that much more prepared? I also feel uncomfortable with the insistence that one of the reasons for the restoration of plural marriage was to provide a customized trial for the Saints.

I can see how it was one of the natural consequences that accompanied its practice with Abraham and Sarah it was no different , but it does not sit well — the idea that the Lord would pull that command out of His quiver like some random test of valiance. There is more to it than that.

Joseph Smith's Polygamy, Volume 3: Theology ebook

Every quote from the time period seems to reinforce the fact that it, indeed, was a trial. Thanks again for the article. Your email address will not be published. All comments are moderated to ensure respectful discourse. It is assumed that it is possible to disagree agreeably and intelligently and comments that intend to increase overall understanding are particularly encouraged.

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Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History
Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History
Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History
Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History
Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History
Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Volume 1a: History

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