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You would have thought that this was the ultimate act of humility. In the situations of daily life when He was tempted to impatience, irritation, envy, discouragement etc. In order to overcome, Jesus had to humble Himself. Jesus really was a man like us. Jesus fought a desperate battle against the sin in His flesh, and needed help. God taught Him obedience, and gave Him the strength and resolve He needed to deny Himself, every single time.

How desperate am I to gain the victory? How vehement are my cries to God? How willing am I to obey? Do I want to be saved from death? To overcome like He overcame, I need to follow Jesus in everything, also in how I pray to God for help.

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In my situation, the lusts in my flesh and the pressures from outside can loom up like an enormous mountain. The battle can seem overwhelming. But I am not alone. Jesus knows what it is like to be human. Before He left the earth, Jesus promised His disciples that He would send them the Holy Spirit, the Helper, who would guide them to the truth. John , 26; John The time of need is when I am tempted, when I see and feel the sin in my flesh, when I am struggling to keep myself pure and not to sin.

If I pray for help as Jesus did, with humility and loud cries and tears, desperate to gain the victory and be saved from death, then I will get help. The Holy Spirit will come and show me the way to go. He will give me light and understanding to see how heinous sin is, and how great my heavenly calling is. I must do exactly what I read.


Then I am wielding the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Living according to these words makes me invincible. This suffering was not the physical suffering on the cross of Calvary. As a disciple who follows Jesus, I must hate my own life, deny myself and take up my cross. Luke , Luke It costs something. It costs my will. It costs my life. I must pray and cry and my lusts have to feel the pain of being denied. Then I will cease from sin. If you were inspired by this article about how to overcome sin as Jesus overcame, you may also be interested in reading our topic pages about discipleship and Christ manifested in the flesh.

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Grace means that all our sin is forgiven when we confess it. But it also means that we receive power to obey the truth that Jesus came with. In this book, Sigurd Bratlie expands upon this, showing the true gospel of God which is obedience to the faith. When Jesus was on earth most people did not know who He really was.

How Did God Get Started? | Arion

He overcame the world; that is, he bridled every passion and has risen above the carnal and sensual plane so that he lived and walked as guided by the Spirit. He brought to pass the Atonement, thereby ransoming men from the [spiritual and physical] death caused by the fall of Adam. Now, resurrected and glorified, he has gained all power in heaven and in earth, has received the fullness of and is one with the Father.

If we are to follow the example of Christ and walk in his footsteps, we must seek to do the same things after the pattern he set. It is important to remember that Jesus was capable of sinning, that he could have succumbed, that the plan of life and salvation could have been foiled, but that he remained true. Had there been no possibility of his yielding to the enticement of Satan, there would have been no real test, no genuine victory in the result.

If he had been stripped of the faculty to sin, he would have been stripped of his very agency. It was he who had come to safeguard and ensure the agency of man. He had to retain the capacity and ability to sin had he willed so to do. To the very end of his mortal life Jesus was demonstrating the grandeur of his spirit and the magnitude of his strength. He was not, even at this late hour, selfishly engrossed with his own sorrows or contemplating the impending pain. He was anxiously attending to the present and future needs of his beloved followers.

He knew their own safety, individually and as a church, lay only in their unconditional love one for another. His entire energies seem to have been directed toward their needs, thus teaching by example what he was teaching by precept.

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He gave them words of comfort and commandment and caution. During both his mortal ministry among his flock in the Holy Land and in his postmortal ministry among his scattered sheep in the Western Hemisphere, the Lord demonstrated his love and concern for the individual. In the press of a multitude, he sensed the singular touch of a woman who sought relief for an ailment from which she had suffered for some twelve years. See Luke — On another occasion, he saw beyond the narrowly focused prejudice of a condemning crowd and the sin of her who stood accused.

Perhaps sensing her willingness to repent, Christ chose to see the worth of the individual and sent her forth to sin no more.

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See John — As the trials of Gethsemane and Calvary fast approached, with much weighing heavily upon his mind, the Savior took time to notice the widow casting in her mite. See Mark — Similarly, his gaze took in the small-statured Zacchaeus who, unable to see because of the size of those congregating around the Savior, had climbed a sycomore tree for a view of the Son of God. See Luke —5. While hanging in agony upon the cross, he overlooked his own suffering and reached out in caring concern to the weeping woman who had given him life.

What a marvelous example for us to follow! Even in the midst of great personal sorrow and pain, our Exemplar reached out to bless others. It was a life of reaching out in service to others. One of the most important questions ever asked to mortal men was asked by the Son of God himself, the Savior of the world. History provides many examples of good men and women, but even the best of mortals are flawed in some way or another. None could serve as a perfect model nor as an infallible pattern to follow, however well-intentioned they might be.

Drink of my water and eat of my bread. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the law and the light. Look unto me and ye shall live. My, what a clear and resonant call! What certainty and example in a day of uncertainty and absence of example. Let us follow the Son of God in all ways and in all walks of life. Let us make him our exemplar and our guide. We must follow Christ, in the best sense of that word. Those who follow Christ seek to follow his example.

Son of man (Christianity)

His suffering on behalf of our sins, shortcomings, sorrows, and sicknesses should motivate us to similarly reach out in charity and compassion to those around us. It is important to be appreciated.

But our focus should be on righteousness, not recognition; on service, not status. The faithful visiting teacher, who quietly goes about her work month after month, is just as important to the work of the Lord as those who occupy what some see as more prominent positions in the Church. Visibility does not equate to value. We cannot stand forever between two opinions. Our personal salvation depends on our answer to that question and our commitment to that answer.

Just Like Jesus (My Time With God Book 2) Just Like Jesus (My Time With God Book 2)
Just Like Jesus (My Time With God Book 2) Just Like Jesus (My Time With God Book 2)
Just Like Jesus (My Time With God Book 2) Just Like Jesus (My Time With God Book 2)
Just Like Jesus (My Time With God Book 2) Just Like Jesus (My Time With God Book 2)
Just Like Jesus (My Time With God Book 2) Just Like Jesus (My Time With God Book 2)

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