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Hate groups may be defined as any organized body that denigrates and advocates violence against select groups of people based on race, religion, or sexual orientation. Research points to the fact that individuals with divergent thinking are more likely to have a high degree of prejudice. Individuals who use metacognition think about their thinking and strive to be aware of how they have come to a decision.

Cooperative learning is a strategy for helping students learn to reduce prejudice. Globalization refers to all of the following, except. The following are characteristics of the Cold War era, except.

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Which of the following is an emphasis on the statement of the National Council for the Social Studies on global perspectives? Each of the following are part of Piaget's Stage Theory, except. Sana is a preschooler who exhibits an egocentric behavior. She is in the. Which of the following constitutes a requirement for education in a global society? Hanvey uses the term perspective in "perspective consciousness" to describe an awareness that.

Catherine is aware that more than 16, children die from hunger-related causes each day. This is example of Catherine's. Hanvey suggests that developing cross-cultural awareness may be the most difficult of the five dimensions to attain because.

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Knowledge of global dynamics suggests that. Dmitri's awareness of human choice refers to the fact that. Effective pedagogies in the global classroom may include all of the following, except. With respect to the place of content knowledge in a global classroom, which of the following is not the case? According to Hanvey, teaching from a global perspective. Which of the following is not an example of internationalizing the disciplines?

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Globalization has its own dominant culture that tends to create a homogenizing set of circumstances. The study of population growth, birth and death rates, and migration patterns is not really necessary to understand the state of the planet. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a learning-community classroom aimed at fostering democratic citizenship? Which of the following is a contemporary version of Plato's dialectical method of teaching? A central idea of the learning-community classroom is that. One of the differences between traditional classrooms and classrooms that are learning communities is that in learning-community classrooms.

According to Berger and Berger, language can be called. Accents differ from standard language. Black English Ebonics can be best described as. The term bidialectalism refers to. Nonverbal communication behaviors account for which of the following percentages of the messages we send and receive?

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Proxemics, or "social space," is the study of. Keelia, who is field independent, has the ability to. The study of learning style emerged from the work of psychologists interested in. Which of the following court cases set the precedent for bilingual education? Board of Education of Topeka B. Plessy v.

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Ferguson C. Nichols D. Which of the following most accurately describes arguments about bilingual education in the United States? All of the following are stages of second language acquisition, except.

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In a learning-community classroom, disciplinary knowledge is sometimes learned as an end in itself and sometimes learned as a means to another end. Standard English is one of many dialects of English. A good reason to include the study of religions in school is that. The prohibition clause of the First Amendment specifies that.

Congress will make no laws prohibiting the free exercise of religion. Congress will prohibit the establishment of new religions. All universal definitions of religion appear to refer in some way to. All of these answers are correct. The basic beliefs and structure of American schooling are derived in part from.

The widespread use of McGuffy Readers in schools across the nation in the 19 th century is an example of. The second wave of Muslim immigrants to the United States included primarily. African-American converts to Islam. Muslim students. Sensitivity to potential and sometimes immediate conflicts among students of different religious backgrounds requires that teachers.

Since the controversy and court decisions about school prayer in , most school people have dealt with religious issues by. Assessment in a religiously sensitive classroom should be attentive to. Much of the difficulty in sorting out religious controversies with respect to the schools has been generated around different interpretations of. Freeman Butts categorizes controversy about the role of religion in schooling in two broad categories. These are. Concrete examples of schooling issues with respect to religious pluralism are.

The argument that pledging allegiance to the flag is contrary to some religious beliefs is based on the idea that. The Supreme Court decision in Abington v. Schempp requires that. The establishment clause of the First Amendment prohibits laws regarding the free practice of religion. Theological points of view, knowledge of scriptures, and consequences of "falling away" from the faith are all aspects of universal definitions of religion.

The belief that human begins are destined to rule over the natural world has its roots in the Judeo-Christian tradition. The religion of Islam was introduced into the United States only in the last 50 years. In the Abington v. Schempp decision, the Supreme Court held that education cannot be complete without a study of comparative religion or the history of religious movements. The Fourth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution have been the source of much religious controversy in the United States. In Pierce v.

Society of Sisters , the Supreme Court ruled that attendance at private religious schools did not satisfy the requirement of compulsory attendance. Today, the debate about tax support for parochial education centers of efforts to provide competition to the public education system. Early African-American interpretation and utilization of Protestant Christian scriptures and music produced a unique contribution to American religious and political life. The Protestant conservative, fundamentalist movement is the only such movement active in the world today.

Considerable research on gender and learning has found that. Competition has been used as a strategy in American classrooms in part because it. Collaborative learning is about enhancing collaboration and. In collaborative classrooms, teaching. Which of the following best describes the difference between sex and gender? The term gender-role socialization can be defined as.

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  4. Many of the stereotypical traits associated with girls are found most often among. An important issue concerning the role of toys in sex role socialization is that. The sex role socialization of boys may be harder to change because. The belief that girls are naturally passive, weak, illogical, indirect, gentle, and very emotional is an example of a. The term homophobia refers to. Misogyny and homophobia respectively mean.

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    Title IX, Education Amendments provides that. The European American value of self-motivation and goal setting is sometimes not realized in the school socialization of girls in that.

    Public awareness about homophobia has increased in recent years, largely due to. Both defend the child's right to be active, to explore his environment and develop his own inner resources through every form of investigation and creative effort. Education is to guide activity, not repress it. Environment cannot create human power, but only give it scope and material, direct it, or at most but call it forth; and the teacher's task is first to nourish and assist, to watch, encourage, guide, induce, rather than to interfere, prescribe, or restrict.

    To most American teachers and to all kindergartners this principle has long been familiar; they will but welcome now a new and eloquent statement of it from a modern viewpoint.

    Montessoris last revolution (unified) Montessoris last revolution (unified)
    Montessoris last revolution (unified) Montessoris last revolution (unified)
    Montessoris last revolution (unified) Montessoris last revolution (unified)
    Montessoris last revolution (unified) Montessoris last revolution (unified)
    Montessoris last revolution (unified) Montessoris last revolution (unified)
    Montessoris last revolution (unified) Montessoris last revolution (unified)
    Montessoris last revolution (unified) Montessoris last revolution (unified)

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