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Soul & Body | Anglo-Saxon Narrative Poetry Project | Rutgers University

It just came today!! I am so happy, it is beautiful!!

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Poetry is the soul of music and it lives everywhere

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Now selling worldwide! Keep guiding me, I pray, As you draw me closer to ever greater whirlpools of Light. So I could say mine. My own. And mean it.

Poetry that frees the soul (with English subtitles) - Cristina Domenech

Now they I lift the window, watch the ambling feather Of hock and fetlock, loosed from its daily tether In the We gathered in a field southwest of town, several hundred hauling coolers and folding chairs along a gravel road dry in August, two ruts of soft dust that soaked into our clothes and rose in plumes behind us. By noon we could discern their massive coils emerging I like the lady horses best, how they make it all look easy, like running 40 miles per hour is as fun as taking a nap, or grass.

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Famous Soul Poems by Famous Poets

I n the Wizard of Oz, the scarecrow famously expresses his desire to become human by pining for a brain, suggesting that one of the characteristic marks of humanity is this particular biological endowment. Little did he know how prescient his longing was prefiguring the recent obsession to find in neuroscience the key to unlock every obstinate human mystery, to finally lay bare the nebulous inner workings of human nature, to bring light to the many dim corridors of human consciousness. However, what is most interesting about neuroscientific research today is not its many impressive medical and technological advances but its increasingly confident claims to architectonic status among the other sciences; the truly exciting promise of neuroscience is not its capacity to diagnose this or that medical malady but to render transparent with reassuring finality the complex nature of human thought and behavior.

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Poetry For The Soul Poetry For The Soul
Poetry For The Soul Poetry For The Soul
Poetry For The Soul Poetry For The Soul
Poetry For The Soul Poetry For The Soul
Poetry For The Soul Poetry For The Soul

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