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Emily Hauser

Like jade being ground to reveal its brightness, how could it be possible that more polishing would make it darker? At the place of half a grain of rice where the empty spirit is alert, the adjusted fire is at its perfect temperature. Abundance of children can benefit the mother, how can we say that we are unable to return to our beginning? When the top of the mountain is united with the bottom of the ocean there is thunder after the passing rain.

The captured tiger returns to the authentic spot while the grasped dragon gradually shows the effective elixir;. In order to arrive at the perfection of the elixir quickly, one must eliminate all stressful situations in the human world;. Each movement of the heart guards the spiritual medicine and each breath returns to the beginning of heaven;. Qi returns and penetrates the three islands and the forgotten spirit unites with the ultimate void;.

Great story!

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Teen, 13 years old Written by HaleyCipher December 16, For mature readers. People think there is a lot of swearing, but I disagree. Maybe a curse word or two here and there, but nothinges major. In the book, it says "fugging" and "fug". Overall, I really enjoyed this whole series.

The Immortals

It really gets your brain working and the foreshadowing makes it great for kids to practice hypothisizing! Note that there is alcohol, mentions of sex, and violence in this book. Teen, 13 years old Written by Silverliss August 23, Teen, 13 years old Written by Vampire May 8, There is a few scenes in the other books but in this book she just talks on how cute this guy is in her school and nothing more. Teen, 15 years old Written by Cassie June 30, Awesome I read this a few years ago in 8th grade and I loved it I read the whole series and I hope they make a movie!!! It teaches kids about making the right choice in our lives and looking into what could happen.

NOT a twilight look-a-like. Personally, I love this book. I started reading when I was about I realize there's a lot of language, and sexual references, violence, etc.

Whether you like it or not, most children know about this. As for the 'Twilight lookalike', What. The only thing they have in common is 'immortals' and 'romance'. No sparkliness, nothing alike. Where do you even get this.

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Twilight copycat Really good book, but an obvious copycat of Twilight. If you liked Twilight you will enjoy this book.

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There are some questionable scenes in the book though. Kid, 12 years old December 7, But it has some violence and some other things that is probably better for a 13 year old. I enjoyed the mystery about it.

Immortal (Immortal, book 1) by Gillian Shields

Kid, 12 years old November 12, You will love it. This title contains: Positive role models. Kid, 10 years old June 14, Tips from ash. I have not read any of the Twilight Saga books but they may be alike.

The Immortal Rules

Well there are your tips. Thank you for listeing!

True love is all you need This is really good book and I have read it, if people think there is no positive message, then they are wrong. Evermore shows that no matter what, true love conquers all, and if no one thinks that is enlightening, then they will forever be alone. The magicians of Atlantis embody this.

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It was really fun to see the characters being so distinct from each other but also play off one another really well, and feel like a real friend group. The story is set in Venice, and anything set in Venice means bonus points from me. Part of the plot occurs during Carnivale, so it was really fun to read about all the celebrations and costumes. In addition, one of the big responsibilities of the magicians in the story is maintaining the Archive, which is the repository of magic and really all knowledge gained in the millennium since Atlantis was destroyed.

While I liked reading about all the secondary characters, the two main characters were just meh for me. I really wanted to like Penelope, the professor who has spent her career trying to prove the existence of Atlantis and been shunned. But…she was also kind of annoying. A detective emailed her a question about the crime scene, and instead of responding, she hops on a plane to Venice. Like, okay? Alexis is the Atlantean magician and the second point of view in the book.

The Immortal, Book I The Immortal, Book I
The Immortal, Book I The Immortal, Book I
The Immortal, Book I The Immortal, Book I
The Immortal, Book I The Immortal, Book I
The Immortal, Book I The Immortal, Book I
The Immortal, Book I The Immortal, Book I

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