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View all 5 comments. Dec 06, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , tortured-heroes , chemistry-a-plenty , unforgettable-heroines , werewolves. This was my favorite out of the whole series, and I was glad it was a long read in fact it could have even been longer I wouldn't have minded.

I was that caught up in the story and the emotions of the characters. Despain writes these amazing characters that you really feel, whether it's their joy or their pain and it is intense with all those big werewolf emotions are concerned lol. This story did make me laugh out loud and cry which I was a little surprised by. This story is full of action This was my favorite out of the whole series, and I was glad it was a long read in fact it could have even been longer I wouldn't have minded. This story is full of action and suspense.

Whether the town or Calab trying to kill them, or dissension among the ranks the pages just kept flying by. Poor Daniel is stuck as the great White Wolf, and Grace is searching for the answer to help him change back, at the same time trying to fight her inner wolf from changing her. She also is dealing with the fact her mother has been institutionalized and may never come home.

A brother who she is unsure if she can trust. The Lost Boys Daniels new pack needing a roof over there heads, the town wanting to kill the howling wolf, and finally wondering when Caleb will come back to try and kill them. As you can see there is a lot going on, but all in a good way. I loved every minute and was glued to my kindle.

The plot moved quickly and the writing was well done a few typos the editor should have caught. I love these characters they are so well done. Daniel is swoon worthy and awesome always thinking of Grace, and it is so sweet, he is always think of his pack and Grace and how to keep them all safe, he is awesome. Grace is amazing in this book she really shows what she is made of, she is sweet, smart, courageous and tough when she needs to be, she takes care of those she loves and has an amazing forgiving heart.

I was glad to have Jude back in this story, he has many demons in his life to overcome. Talbot is quite the guy he is cute and sweet with Grace, and mysteries the type of guy you love to hate. The ending was really well done tying up all the lose ends and leaving me feeling satisfied.

Great series the old saying "Save the Best for Last" definitely applies here.

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Mar 31, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites , werewolves , young-adult , kick-ass-protagonists. Well, where to start? It is amazing. No boring time wasting plots; no characters that are unrealistic personality wise I say that as I'm pretty sure that werewolves and Ahks etc are difficult to come by.

Not only do we have probably Well, where to start? Not only do we have probably one of the most kick-ass female narrator Grace which are sometimes really hard to find in YA books Believe me, I have read enough to know - You also have the Adonis look-a-like and werewolf, Daniel. Bree Despain, if by some miracle you read this, thank you for the glorious images of Daniel I have in my brain right now.

Not only that be still my dorky heart , you have Talbot, our lovely cowboy werewolf; April, Grace's version of Alfred the Butler; Gabriel, over year old werewolf that can still kick ass; Pastor Divine, making dad's cool since ; Baby James, for added cuteness; Slade, to freak you out for no reason what-so-ever; Ryan, loveable little pup of a werewolf, Brent, for winding people up and cracking me up with every comment And that's not even all of them.

You have comedic value to the point where I had to stop reading as I was crying with laughter and couldn't see the words; you have heartbreak; you have shocking turns that left me screaming in rage; and your heart is twisted and turned in so many ways I'm surprised mine still functions. The only thing wrong with this book is that it ended. That's it. I have other people's opinions to back me up on this. I laughed.

I cried. I raged. I even died a little inside.

So I ask you this What more could you ask for? Aug 25, Lauren Goff rated it really liked it. What drew me to this series initially was the Christian element in the books.


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It is very, very rare that you find a young adult book that deals with the subject in a way that is not poking fun or being flat out disrespectful. This is not to say that I do not read books that do not have a Christian element. In fact, I would say that most of the books I read do not. But there is no call to be disrespectful about it. The second thing that I found really refreshing is that there was no love triangle.

It was very clear to me at least in The Savage Grace where Grace stood on the subject. Despite everything, she was devoted to Daniel even while he was trapped in his wolf form. Which brings up something else that I really liked about the book, the main character Grace. You know how rare it is to see a unicorn running around on the interstate with a leprechaun on its back wearing a pink tutu and singing Beatles songs? She has problems, she has temptations, and she fails. At one point in the book she tries to use her new healing power to heal her father after he is severely injured in an accident.

While I was reading this, I was groaning inside, thinking that she was going to be able to immediately heal him and everything would be all happy, but I was wrong. Because she has kept all of her anger bottled up and has refused to forgive people that have wronged her in the past, she is unable to channel her powers.

It is only after she prays and learns to forgive that she is able to harness her abilities and save her father. And while Daniel is trapped in his wolf form, she does not curl up in a fetal position in the middle of a forest and cry her eyes out, she moves on with her life. She gets things done, she plans, and she keeps searching until she finds a solution. And last but most certainly not least in my book, she does not have sex with Daniel before they are married. She is tempted several times, but she resists. Does this mean that there are no steamy scenes of our happy couple?

Certainly not. While they do not have sex, they are not hands off either. There are plenty of nice kissing and cuddling scenes. I applaud her for that. I was also pleased with all of the fight scenes in the book. They were not Saw level gory but at the same time they did not shy away from blood. It was a nice medium ground. At the final battle, I was concerned that I would not get to see any wolf action since one of the main points of the series is to not give in to the wolf and transform, but I was pleasantly surprised. While the main characters did not give into the temptation to become wolves to fight, others did, and the battle was a nice mixture of wolves, humans, and demons.

The Savage Grace is a book about the power of love and forgiveness.

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It shows that hoarding feelings of anger and hatred can be destructive and that the power of love can bring healing and life. During the story, Grace learns to forgive others and while she forgives most of the people she was holding anger against, she does not completely forgive everyone.

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At first I was annoyed that she was getting away with holding out her grudges against one of the characters, until I reached the end and saw that this grudge was addressed and had major consequences for her. If she had learned to forgive completely, the story might have turned out differently. But I liked the fact that she did not, because it made her more real. The only thing that I do not like about this series is something that has nothing to do with the writing or the story.

by Maggie Stiefvater

It is the font. In all of the books, the font is bolded the entire time, which for me is very distracting. I would have preferred that the book be in a more normal font, but aside from that minor annoyance, this is definitely a book series that I am going to be recommending to my friends who want something with a good story, good values, and lots of love and action mixed in. May 24, Brittany rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , fantasy. This is one of those guilty pleasure young adult books, written by a local author. But by reading this book I'm supporting a local author and thus helping our local economy, I'm supporting mom-trepenuers, and having a little me-reading-time altogether.

So I'm totally justified. This was the 3rd installment of The Dark Divine trilogy. I really enjoyed the first book and read it as a breath of fresh air in the YA fantasy genre. The second book, The Lost Saint, I really had a hard time reading This is one of those guilty pleasure young adult books, written by a local author. The second book, The Lost Saint, I really had a hard time reading because Grace was being an arrogant teenager, making stupid decisions.

I just couldn't sympathize with her in that book. But I wanted to like it because I had liked the first one and I had met the author and heard her speak and I just think she's adorable. So I kept plugging away.

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WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace
WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace
WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace
WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace
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WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace
WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace
WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace
WEREWOLF: Amazing Grace

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